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This course provides an introduction to the Safe and  Together Model's™s Multiple Pathways to Harm assessment  and critical thinking framework.  The Safe and Together Model is an internationally recognized approach to working with families with children where domestic violence is present.  This Model is being used in multiple states across the US, the UK, Australia, Canada,  and Asia. In this course you will learn about how  to apply comprehensive assessment lens to the impact of domestic violence perpetrator behaviors on child and family functioning.  You will learn about how this approach helps you have high standards for men as parents, better engage men from diverse backgrounds and partner with adult survivors. You will learn an approach that can help you with service recommendations for children and families.  You will also learn that despite perpetrators™ harmful actions adult survivors are often working very hard to promote their children™s safety and well being.

After this training, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe a multiple pathways to harm approach to assessing impact of domestic violence perpetrators on child and family functioning

  • Describe the connection between domestic violence perpetrator behavior patterns and child trauma and safety

  • Describe the connection between domestic violence perpetrator behavior patterns and family ecology

  • Describe the connection between domestic violence perpetrator behavior patterns and the partners parenting

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply a perpetrator pattern/multiple pathways to harm approach to case practice

  • Describe the importance of a gender responsive perspective to effectively applying a multiple pathways to harm approach:  importance of high standards for fathers

  • Describe how this approach helps partner with adult and child survivors, intervene with perpetrators.

  • Describe how this approach can improve case practice with economically disadvantaged families and families experiencing cultural, racial oppression.

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July 16, 2017
Multiple Pathways to Harm
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Safe and Together Institute
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